Измерительные приборы

Измерительные приборы
8-в-1 Монитор постоянного тока 300В 100А

8-в-1 Монитор постоянного тока 300В 100А...

8 in 1 measurement: voltage, current, power, battery capacity, impedance, temperature, energy, time,  external waterproof temperature probe. Product Description:   Should be the majority of customers on the market of the general voltage ammeter can not meet the requirements of testing high voltage and high current, otorch for engineers struggling to develop this can be high voltage, high current built-in shunt DC voltmeter, test voltage range 0-300V , The current range of 0-100A, the test power even up to 30000W, test high-voltage rechargeable battery, battery, or low-voltage 18650 battery pressure, Universal test all batteries .almost all can take all the DC, no longer have to worry about the voltage range is not enough.   This section of the DC test table current, voltage, capacity accumulation, power accumulation, power, impedance, temperature, time eight data one screen display, equipped with micro-power LCD module LCM black font green backlight in English display large screen for data read At a glance. Output input expansion port in the test is to bring a more convenient, so that the function and design are more intimate. Application process, the majority of users are welcome to make recommendations for the follow-up to optimize the design to collect more information.   Tips:   The back of the product has protective measures, do not tear it off. After tearing up the electronic short circuit caused by the buyer is responsible. If there is necessary to tear it off, re-find a shell can be installed on the. Do not touch the product while testing high pressure.   Note: When testing the voltage less 7.8V to give the product power supply, power supply by the micro usb data line DC4-30V voltage range of power supply.   Specification: Input/output interface: 100 A Large current Metal post Voltage range: 0.00 V ~ 300 V Resolution precision: 0.05 V Current range: 0.00 A ~ 100 A Resolution precision: 0.05 A Capacity range: 0 ~ 999.999 Ah Resolution precision: 0.01 Ah Power cumulative range: 0 ~ 99999.9 Wh Resolution precision: 0.01 Wh Power range: 000.00 ~ 2999.99 W Resolution precision : 0.01 W Impedance  range: 1 ~ 999.9     Resolution precision: 0.1  Temperature range: 0 ~ 99 ℃ Resolution precision: 1℃ Timing maximum time: 999H59M59S Resolution precision: 1S Timing remind Settings: the countdown 24 hours of any value Small current standby alert threshold parameters: < 2 W / 0.5 H Small voltage power supply requirements: measuring < 7.8V  low voltage, please supply independent power supply interface Range of 4 ~ 30V dc power supply voltage to the measurement system Time to refresh: > 500 ms/time > 500 ms/times Measurement rate: 0.5 times per second Over-voltage over-current set the alarm mode: display warning interface  to alert users Overpressure to remind the set range: 1 ~ 300V Low pressure remind set range: 0 ~ 149V Flow to remind the set range: 0.2 ~ 100A Display type: micro power consumption of LCD module LCM black font  green backlit display in both Chinese and English Product size: 118x37x56MM Since the power flow: < 0.02 A Working temperature: - 10 ~ + 60 degrees Celsius - 10 ~ + 60 ℃ Working humidity: 10 ~ 80 (dew) undoubtedly 10 ~ 80 (no doubt) The pressure of work: 80 ~ 106 kpa   Operation method: Keystrokes using method and the capacity, power, time reset Settings: Reset button long-press all data (mAh、Wh、00:00:00) Quickly button twice - capacity Reset (mAh) Quickly button three - power reset(Wh) Quickly button four - time reset(00:00:00) Quickly button five - Set up automatic standby and Discharge the countdown to remind regularly When no load output no-load, quick seven keys, and for the current zero to zero in the current environment temperature for accurate calibration, so more can do more accurate measurement in small current. Click the switch interface, in the high voltage low voltage when backlit parameter Settings, by double Strike and three strikes for parameter adjustment, the adjustment process long press is a continuous fast speed value adjustment.

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6-в-1 измеритель напряжения, тока, мощности и др.

6-в-1 измеритель напряжения, тока, мощности и др. ...

Features and specifications: 6-in-1 Digital multimeter voltmeter Active power is calculated as: P = U I cos, cos represents the power factor, purely resistive loads (such as incandescent, heater, etc.) the power factor is generally close to 1, inductive and capacitive load load power factor 0-1 Therefore purely resistive load test time, P is substantially equal to or close to U I Test inductive or capacitive loads (such as refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, computers, etc.) when, P Less than U I. As for the specific number to keep the power factor related to power factor different for each appliance, please show table prevail. Key features: • Electrical parameter measurement function (voltage, current, active power, power) • Overload alarm function (backlight and power flickers) • power alarm threshold preset function can be manually set • Power button clear function • Power-down data storage function • Large-screen LCD screen full display function (display voltage, current, active power, power) • Backlight • Display interface: Voltage, current, power, and energy parameters all shown simultaneously Specifications: • Size: 90 x 54.5 x 28 mm • Weight: 20A DC voltmeter 78 grams, 100A DC voltmeter 114 grams • Apply to power grid voltage range: 110 – 220 V • Working voltage: 85 – 250 VAC • Test voltage: 85 - 250 VAC • Rated power: 20A/4400 W or 100A/22,000 W • Working frequency: 45 – 65 Hz • Measurement accuracy: 1.0       1) Current display (A) 2) Voltage display (V) 3) Power display (W) 4) kWh display (KWh) 5) Power factor (PF) 6) Frequency display (50/60 Hz) 7) Function keys

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Регистратор РПМ-416

Регистратор РПМ-416

Регистратор РПМ-416 является микропроцессорным устройством, предназначенным для измерения значений электрических параметров, отображения этих значений на дисплее регистратора, а также архивир..

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DC 0-100V, 10A вольтметр-амперметр

DC 0-100V, 10A вольтметр-амперметр...

DC 0-100V 10A Digital Voltmeter Ammeter Dual Display Voltage Detector Current Meter Panel Amp Volt Gauge 0.28" Red Blue LED

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DC 0-100V Вольтметр цифровой

DC 0-100V Вольтметр цифровой

Technical Parameters:     Dimension:48*29*21 mm     Mounting hole:45.5*26.5mm     Power Supply: DC3.3-30V      Power Consumption:   <20mA     Test voltage: DC0~100V     Display mode: 0.56 "LED with red/blue/green digits     Measurement accuracy: 1% (± 2 digits)     Measurement rate: ≥ 500mS / time Features:       With three wires,the wiring is simple, the installation is convenient.     When there is a small tolerance, you can calibrate by the potentiometer on the circuit board.     With polarity protection function for meter power supply.     With three wires, can be connected to cars,e-bikes or motorcycles.     Red wire: Power supply Positive terminal     Black wire: Public Negative terminal (Power supply and test negative terminal)     Yellow wire: Testing terminal  

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TES-1333 измеритель мощности солнечного излучения

TES-1333 измеритель мощности солнечного излучения...

TES-1333 Solar Power Meters Digital Radiation Detector Solar Cell Energy Tester  Features: Wide spectral range. Excellent long term stability. Cosine corrected. Automatic transmission measurements. Select either power or transmission. Solar energy power or transmission. Current time setting function. User calibration factor setting function. End-mount light sensor. Select either W/m2 or Btu / (ft2*h) units Data Hold / MAX / AVG modes. Data Memory and Read function. (99 sets.) Auto Data memory     Meteorology agriculture solar radiation measurement solar power research physics and optical laboratories solar transmission measurement identify high performance windows Specifications:   Display 3-1/2 digits.Max.indication1999 Range 2000W/m 2 634Btu/(ft 2 * h) Resolution 1W/m21Btu/(ft2*h) Spectral response 400-1100nm Accuracy Typically within ± 10W/m2[ ±3 Btu / (ft2*h) ] or ±5% , whichever is greater in sunlight; Additional temperature induced error ±0.38W/m2 / [ ±0.12 Btu / (ft2*h)/ ] from 25 Angular accuracy Cosine corrected <5% for angles <60 ° Drift <±2% / per year Calibration User recalibration available Over-input Display shows" " Sampling Time Approx. 0.4 second Manu data memory and read 99 sets     Battery 4pcs size AAA(not included for CNP shipping) Battery Life Approx. 100 hours Operating temp and humidity 0 to 50 below 80%RH Storage temp and Humidity -10 to 60 below 70% RH Weight Approx. 165g Dimension 111(L)*64(W)*34(H)mm Accessories Carrying Case, Operation Manual  

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DC 16-60В Вольтметр цифровой

DC 16-60В Вольтметр цифровой

Цифровой LCD вольтметр для 24 или 48В аккумуляторных батарей Пределы измерений напряжения : 16-60В постоянного тока Не требует внешнего дополнительного источника питания - работает от..

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DC 100A амперметр с шунтом

DC 100A амперметр с шунтом

Амперметр служит для измерения значения постоянного тока в обоих направлениях. Требует внешнего питания. Шунт на 100А в комплекте. Спецификация высокая точность измерений легкая ус..

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